Top 15 Articles About the Latin American Startup Scene in 2016

Small businesses and startups are the back bone of local communities and it is imperative that resources are transparent. In recent years, more influencers are showcasing the top programs, incubators, accelerators and events available to support entrepreneurial activity. Latin America is one of 5 global regions that is making a major push to centralize its startup ecosystem to make it easier for locals and expats to launch and scale companies. According to a recent accelerator report from Gust, Latin America is the most vibrant startup ecosystem following America and Europe with close to $32 billion in local investments.

Each year we do a review of top articles that give a good picture of the startup ecosystem and the following do just that.

1.Latin American Startups have Become Top-Shelf Targets for Global Companies “Over the past few years, we’ve seen a sharp rise in the number of international companies acquiring Latin American startups — such as StudentUniverse acquiring Colombian WeHostelsEventbrite acquiring Argentine Eventioz, and DeliveryHeroacquiring Uruguayan PedidosYa. And whether these global companies are more interested in acquiring the technologies behind these products or using the acquisitions as a strategic entrance into the region, these deals are evidence of the talent and skills that Latin American entrepreneurs possess”…

2.Tech in Latin America: All the news you shouldn’t miss from the past month “The last month of 2015 was a busy one in Latin America’s tech scene. While there were relatively few funding round announcements, several events made international headlines — and didn’t always paint its institutions in a very positive light”…

3.Keeping the momentum of successful pro start-ups policies in Latin America is essential “The report assesses the progress made since 2010 in the implementation of programmes supporting start-ups in Chile, Colombia, México and Peru. The results show that in a few years’ space, people’s mind-sets have shifted and the region is now perceived as a place for innovative entrepreneurship. Brazil has the largest number of start-ups in Latin America, followed by Mexico which is the country with the most even distribution of start-ups across the country: 32% are located in Mexico City, 10% in Guadalajara and 8% in Monterrey. Chile shows the highest territorial concentration with 80% of start-ups registered in the capital, Santiago”…

4.Strengthening the Ecosystem of Startups in Latin America “Latin America has always been a fascinating region to me…..With these problems in mind, Techstars, with the support of Google, have carried out a process of discussion with entrepreneurs and industry benchmark agents about the five pillars that we believe are required to build thriving communities of entrepreneurship in the region, including the creation of public policies. During 2015, we organized discussion workshops in nine cities in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru and the Dominican Republic to share concerns, identify success stories, and think of solutions that strengthen the ecosystem of startups based on culture, density, capital, talent and regulatory environment….”

5.The State of Entrepreneurship in Latin America “Latin Americans make things out of nowhere, with lower resources, and put their heart and soul into it…”  or State of Entrepreneurship (Younoodle Version) or Start- Up Latin America 2016 Report “Start-up Latin America 2016 presents an update of start-up promotion policies in the region. Start-ups are becoming a reality in Latin America and public policies are playing an important role in supporting their creation and expansion…”

Check out the 2017 list next year! If you think we missed a great synopsis of the Latin American startup ecosystem, feel free to add it in the comments section.

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